Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Get a small preview of the JUNE magazine

We are pleased to present the new JUNE magazine. Friday it will be available in your local Jeanne d'Arc Living store. You must have it :) /Tina

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Lovely, Fragrant Lilacs

The sun is shining from a cloudless sky and there’s a scent of lilacs here at the farmstead. We’re happily writing away at the editorial office for both the magazine and upcoming book publishings – all of you have something to look forward to! They’re about both Christmas and Easter. But take a moment to look around and notice the wonderful lilacs that are in full bloom right now, telling us that summer is now here to stay. They give out an intoxicating fragrance and contribute with a symphony of colors from white and to the most amazing shades of pink and magenta. Yet others move into beautiful, dark and saturated shades of purple and eggplant. Pick a bouquet and bring summer inside or onto your porch and then enjoy the lovely scent. /Tina

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The seeds grows well

The seeds grow very strongly now. It's very nice. It look like they survived the first time without problems. And are now ready to part..!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pamper your Pooch

A lot of people actually don’t realize that we really make a lot of things here ourselves.
Most might be aware of this for the handmade paper goods but fewer people know that we also make our ironware ourselves.
Lonnie and I design the new products in collaboration with Jan. Jan is our creative smith in our own workshop, which is housed in one of the wings here at Jeanne d’Arc Living.
Then the items are handcrafted in our forging shop 50 yards down the street. It doesn’t get more local than that.
One of the new items right now is this dog bed. We all love it out here at JDL.
Our own “company dogs”, Donna the Labrador and the small English cocker spaniel Miss Smilla, immediately claimed the sample, which now sits here in the office. /Vivian

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

While others are working on getting out their summer clothes and sandals, production of our Christmas collection is getting started here at Jeanne d’Arc Living. Jane and Michella are already well underway with all the handmade items so they can be retail-ready in time for Christmas. The Christmas collection is bigger and more beautiful than ever before. You’ll find paper cones, boxes and Christmas baubles, among other things. You should definitely be excited – we are! /Tina

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mirrors (correction in the magazine)

In our new magazine in May number 4 we have a nice article on the mirror story, shapes and colors. These fine mirrors is kindly lent by Anette Page who owns a French/Danish antique store in Vejle. At in Vejle you will find these fine mirrors, and much else in the French style. We regret that this is not mentioning of the article.

The seeds germinate

Thanks for all your tips and tricks. The seeds are finally beginning to sprout. It seems to succed anyway. I hope the will go on and grow big despite difficult conditions to begin with. /Vivian

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A small experiment

So I thought I’d show you my pre-sprouted JDL seeds from Easter break, which you probably remember me writing about.
I had the fun idea to sow them in an old type box.
This way, they can look nice in the summerhouse while they grow :o) But I just forgot the small detail that it might be best to sow them in plastic-covered pots. That way they have their own, enclosed mini greenhouse. Lonnie told me this today, shaking her head. In my defense, I’d like to say that she’s the gardening specialist around here. I’ve never had a green thumb – and she’s often wondered and had a good laugh over my way of gardening. And at times, she’s been astonished to see things grow despite my way of planting or caring for them.

But back to the seeds:
Unfortunately, I have to admit that there are no sprouts yet! Perhaps due to the missing plastic? But it’ll ruin the esthetics if they have to be covered with plastic. After all, we enjoy many cups of coffee in that summerhouse… (in our free time).
SO you’re basically witnessing an experiment here on the blog. I’m going to try and see what’ll happen from leaving out the plastic.
To be continued… /Vivian