Friday, July 13, 2012

A practical calender for your family

We now have the wall calendar ready to show you. A wall calender to hang in you kitchen, livingroom or hall whereever you like. The calender has a overview of the entire month and room to write all the appointments of different members. It's very nice for alle members to keeping track of appointments for the week and month. The size of the calender is 310 x 430 mm.
The calender is like the "book-version" in three languages, danish, german and dutch. But if they become a success, we’ll definitely expand the production with more languages. We really hope that it will be a greate succes. /Tina

Here is a example of what you can write on the wall calender.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nostalgic Letters and Old Flour Sacks

We’re always looking for new, beautiful things for our wholesale business, and we’re very proud of our new, embroidered letters. They’re so pretty and neatly embroidered and can be used in a large variety of ways. They look pretty on their own on a platter with other small treasures but can also be sewn onto white textiles to achieve a look that’s both personal and completely unique. Your imagination is the only limitation – you can add them to dish towels, bed linens, tablecloths and towels, so just go ahead and get out your needle and thread.

Speaking of textiles, we have another new addition to our product range: our new textiles line with prints from old, French flour sacks. The textiles are 100% washed, soft linen and are sure to become a favorite in your home. We offer everything from pillows and curtains to chair covers and dish towels. Without a doubt, at least one of these is sure to find its way into my home!

We at the JDL are looking forward to our summervacation and will be off the next two weeks, some of us to warmer places ;-) WE WISH YOU ALL A LOVELY SUMMER. /Susanne and Tina

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A creamery, wildflowers and a cave

In this issue, you can learn how to tie wonderful bouquets using wildflowers and beautiful hydrangeas. We also take you along on a visit to an old creamery that is now the residence of a family in Holland. We’ll show you how to use rosehip for marmalade, syrup and snaps, and we’ve also been on a picnic with some girlfriends and found some delicious foods to bring along. A really exciting place that we’ve visited is an old cave in France, which has been furnished as a Bed & Breakfast. Find the magazine at your local Jeanne d’Arc Living retailer – in stores now!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Get The July Magazine in your local store now

In July Magazine you can among many other things read about the beautiful Lathyrus, recipes with a lovely summer's tomatoes. You can get the recipe for creating your own Potpourri. See how you can live with ocean colors. Find your local Jeanne d'Arc Living retailer and get the JULY magazine now. Enjoy. / Tina