Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Are you ready for Easter?

All of the wonderful, handmade Easter decorations from our own on-site workshop are in stores right now!
These patinated chicken eggs with various decorations are a personal favorite of mine. Some have embroidered monograms, others fine lace ... yet others have text. I plan to hang a lot of them from a large "bouquet" of branches from my neighbor’s fruit trees and let them bring a bit of spring atmosphere into my living room.

I also find the set of three eggs decorated with lace absolutely adorable. Place them in a basket with a nest of birch branches, moss or hay. Or make a nest out of old paper that's been run through a shredder.
Which are your favorites?


If you coming up short on ideas for decorating for spring and Easter, you'll find plenty of inspiration in our Easter book: Fairytale Easter.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Multipurpose Jars

Old pickling jars have so many possible applications in addition to holding pickled and preserved foods.
You can use them anywhere in the house – like in the March issue of the magazine, for instance, where we’ve used them to hold ribbon, buttons and beads in a sewing room.

You can use them in the kitchen for various storage purposes and to hold cutlery, in the bathroom for bits and pieces and last but not least in the office …

The JDL collection now includes a wonderful reproduction of these jars as well as a reproduction of old apothecary bottles of various sizes. They offer at least as many applications as the versatile jars.

All of this wonderful glassware will be available in stores soon!

Friday, March 15, 2013

A day of photos

As many of you are probably aware, we make many of the materials for both books and magazines ourselves. Ideas are discussed at editorial meetings and planned down to the last details. Here Lonnie and Dorte are working on photos for an article about a candlelight celebration and a cozy brunch at the summerhouse. You have something to look forward to – it’s going to be amazing.

Have a great weekend, everyone! We’re getting ready for another cold and windy weekend with hot cocoa, warm rolls and a fire in the wood stove. /Tina

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

They’re here!

Our new chip baskets arrived today – something we’ve been looking very much forward to. They look very similar to the old originals, which, of course, is always one of our foremost goals.

Dorte got right to work taking pictures for the website www.jeannedarcliving.dk.
Which model is your favorite? I’d like one of each – that is, if I had the space! /Vivian

Monday, March 4, 2013

Just another day at JDL

Unloading a container, checking out product samples in the sunshine, PHOTO – designing this year’s Christmas ornaments. Nice atmosphere, teamwork and high spirits, as always.

Sanne and Lars checking products.

A good indicator of whether we’ve hit the mark with our collections is the reaction from the staff when the products arrive. Many of us don’t see the items until they’re actually delivered. Last Friday, a large delivery of both new products and re-orders of previous items arrived. EVERYONE was over the moon with excitement and crowded together in the courtyard to do test runs of assembling the products and check them over before photographing them.
Stop by our homepage www.jeannedarcliving.dk to see them all…

Friday, March 1, 2013

Wonderful Spring

In this issue of the magazine, we once again bring you inspiring decorating tips – this time for your home office, which can be styled in many lovely ways. We’ll also show you how to decorate your sewing room in French style.
We’ve got delicious recipes using avocado and pineapple that are great for spring and a cozy dinner with friends. Once the menu is in place, how about trying your hand at some of our beautiful bouquets and flower decorations with horned pansies, heather or sweet, little catkins.
Enjoy! /Tina