Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring is Coming

Here at Jeanne d’Arc Living we’re slowly starting to see the signs of spring, and everyone is enjoying it fully. Our winter clothes are all stored away and summer dresses are finding their way to the front of our closets. In the new issue of the magazine, you can read about the prettiest yellow flowers that simply exude summer.
The weather in Denmark isn’t always suited for outdoor activities but everything is possible, of course, with the proper apparel. We visited a small island located between Amsterdam and Alkmaar, Holland, where the cows roam free and the people thoroughly enjoy the outdoors. See the amazing place where Yvonne spends her time restoring campers with striking, personal style.
Altogether the magazine has quite the summer feel with inspiration for bonfire cooking and food to bring on a picnic. Enjoy! /Tina


Thursday, April 11, 2013

We couldn’t help ourselves…

Lonnie and I love clothes: nice, romantic clothes that fit well – true Jeanne d’Arc style for true Jeanne d’Arc girls.
Lonnie previously had a dressmaking business creating hand-sewn bridal gowns in French Empire style. So the talent for design is true to form.

We’ve previously offered a small clothing collection. Back then we had the items made by a local dressmaker, which resulted in sky-high prices. Now we’ve found a reliable dressmaker abroad so we’re able to compete on price while still offering good quality.

Here’s a sneak peek…

Keep an eye on our website. We’ll be putting up more pictures on a regular basis.
We aim to have the first clothing items in stores by June 1st.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Come spring

We wait and wait, but still there is zero temperatures outside. We cross fingers that spring is coming here for the weekend. Then we put the garden furniture back and enjoy a nice cup of coffee out on the patio. Jeanne d'Arc Living just the furniture that you need for the purpose. Look at www.jeannedarcliving.dk

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What's going on here?!

Usually we can just about start to head outside a bit this time of year...

Do a bit of yard work, check on all of the little spring plants peeking up from the soil and clean up around the shed and the garage. You can bring out the patio furniture, set it up in a nice, sunny corner out of the wind and sit down to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and the increasing warmth of the sun – soak up some vitamin D and rejoice that spring is here.

A lot of people will be starting to get back out to their summer houses and campers by now.

Last year around this time we converted Dorte's courtyard storage room into a cozy oasis. You can see the results in the April issue of the magazine. That night she had dinner with her neighbors as an impromptu housewarming – dinner outside, that is!!

We definitely want to get out there. I can hardly wait to plant my pots and get that wonderful, tired feeling that sets in after a nice day spent outside doing practical chores.

... It was 15 °F outside the editorial office this morning when we got here!

The ground is frozen solid, and there's still so much snow that our car almost got stuck when we drove out this weekend to go for a walk in the woods – one of the only outdoor activities possible right now. It's wonderful though, even if it's cold: a nice, long hike and then back home to cozy up with the family. Get a good fire going, some lunch and then bring out the old board games!

After all, we might as well make the best of it. And then you can sit down with the APRIL issue to find plenty of ideas and inspiration for the time to come. When the weather starts to warm up ...
Happy Easter, everyone! /Vivian