Friday, October 25, 2013

Beautiful Fall

I simply adore the fall!

Went for a nice, long hike in the woods with the family yesterday.

It was amazing to experience all the smells of fall; the sound of rustling leaves on the forest floor and otherwise just the quiet of the woods. To enjoy the colors and feel the rain just pouring down, intensifying the smell of the trees and the soil.

When the cold started to nip at our cheeks, we turned homeward - headed home to a fire in the wood stove, hot cocoa and a game of parcheesi.

Now that's a perfect fall Sunday! Have a nice weekend. /Vivian

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hunting for small treasures

Last weekend all of the girls from Jeanne d’Arc Living made a trip to the north-western part of Denmark. We started out with a lovely brunch at Café Savillas – a wonderful place with delicious food made with love by Sanne, who owns the place. Sanne welcomed us and we were spoiled and received excellent service. After enjoying Sanne’s delicious food, we shopped in the wonderful store. We purchased old tins, lovely porcelain and even a pretty, old quilt. Café Savillas is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area. Find out more at

Our trip continued down small, windy country roads to Tingfinderiet – a huge and very cozy place with only good things (8500 ft2 filled with antiques!) – a lovely trip down memory lane. We bought wonderful, old chocolate molds, more old tins and some nice reels of flax twine. We drove along yet more country roads to get to Pigekammeret, which is a small and cozy place with even more wonderful, old treasures. Pigekammeret is full of the loveliest displays, which are arranged so the colors of all of the old things really match.
We rounded off a lovely and cozy day seven hours later at Dalsgaard Antik in the town of Skive with a much-needed cup of coffee and a tour of the beautiful manor house. /Tina & Rikke