Friday, May 1, 2015

Creating beautiful things in May

It’s been great fun preparing many of the features for this edition of the magazine! Long time ago I had the idea of creating some nice garden beds from scratch: I wanted to plan exactly which plants and colors to use, and I wanted to ask our talented graphic designer and artist Helle Routhe to make some beautiful bed drawings with watercolors. Lonnie is very good in the garden but I’m not so I really enjoyed getting some help along the way. I’d like to pass on these ideas to you. It’s impressive to watch a small grass area turn into the wildest and most beautiful garden beds that you can possibly imagine within a few months, and they look like they’ve always been there. A nice side benefit always included in our planning procedure is that you can pick these flowers and use them to make your own bouquets. But although this magazine is full of garden beds and flowers – that’s not all. Of course this edition also presents some exciting homes, inspiring do-it-yourself features and good food – and everything is inspired by summer. I particularly like the feature on English afternoon tea. Perhaps it’s because we borrowed my grandmother’s old flowered china that reminds me of old times when the summers were always warm and we’d sit in the garden amongst blossoming fruit trees. Just the thought of those trees makes me smell them again. Coffee was served in wafer-thin coffee cups and accompanied by lots of homemade cakes. We definitely recommend baking your own cakes and laying a nice table with a tablecloth and a nice bouquet of flowers from the garden or from the local flower shop. Even if it’s just afternoon tea on a normal Sunday afternoon or on a weekday – why not make it something special?