Thursday, June 18, 2015

Creative candles

We occasionally have to wait very long and patiently when we develop an idea. Sometimes our manufacturers don’t work as quickly as we would like. That’s been the case with our new candles.

In fact, we’ve been working on making a collection of various candles and scented candles for a very long time. Now we’ve finally succeeded, and we think this collection with floral motifs is simply adorable for summer.

We’ve made a point of using only natural and pleasant scents in our candles. As always, all of the candles are decorated in our own on-site workshop by our creative co-workers. /Vivian

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It's almost summer

Here in Denmark the four seasons are very different from each other so we enjoy it to the fullest whenever we can spend time outdoors. During the summer months, most of us spend more hours outdoors than indoors if the weather permits. That’s why we went north for this edition of the magazine to show you – amongst other things – a wonderful Swedish summer home and a fantastic home in white in Finland. We also visit a Dutch home and a house in Germany – both of them furnished in a bright and airy style.

In this edition our theme is all about terraces “made in Denmark”. If you don’t have a garden or a terrace, you can find inspiration on how to enjoy nature up close and make a nice outdoor picnic. We show you some easy recipes for delicious food that you can take along to the beach or the forest. And for those rainy days that we probably won’t avoid completely we are offering you lots of ideas on creative indoor activities that can turn into the most wonderful summer memories or decorative elements in your interior design. We wish you lots of fun – and happy reading! /Vivian