Monday, February 29, 2016

Celebrating Easter

This year, Easter falls at the end of March. In many places around the world, it’s the most important religious holiday of the year. Here in Denmark, we don’t have as much tradition of celebrating Easter as many other countries do. But we do get time off and we feel that spending it on cozy, creative Easter activities and by gathering friends or family for an Easter get-together is a perfect choice – celebrate the coming of spring. So this year we’re featuring an Easter theme with plenty of inspiration for this but this issue offers many other exciting things as well. As always, we’ve included several amazing homes, each with its own charm and personal decor. This time we’re highlighting apartment living, which can present a challenge in terms of limited space. Or perhaps you’re renting and aren’t allowed to make any major changes? In that case you’ll find plenty of inspiration for how to decorate with the style anyway. The right furnishings and decor can magically overshadow many things that may not seem ideal. You can also join us as we take a look inside the next room at Jørgen and Lonnie’s house, where the remodel is moving along nicely. This time they’re opening up the doors to the most sacred craft room. /Vivian

Happy reading and a very happy Easter!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Spring is coming

Do you feel it? Spring is coming – or at least we’re able to fool ourselves into thinking that we feel it. It’s the thought of it being just around the corner because as we write this, we can’t very well write about spring being on its way. Our publishing time here at the magazine means that we’re a few months ahead so it’s still firmly winter right now without even the slightest signs of spring outside. And yet we sense it or feel it simply by looking through all of the amazing photos in this issue. Here in our own little world in which we all travel once we open the magazine, spring has definitely arrived. It’s not just on its way – it’s in full bloom! All of the wonderful spring plants bring out that spring feeling in everyone. They’re in stores right now so hurry up and go get some. We certainly can’t help ourselves, and we’re already looking forward to it so much. Everyone’s mood gets an automatic boost when lovely bulbs are planted in pots and containers inside and outdoors.

In addition to all of the lovely flowers, you’ll also find inspiration for interior decoration, wonderful, easy recipes and fun DIY projects as always – both small-scale and on a larger scale as we’re featuring the remodeling of Jørgen and Lonnie’s second floor. It’s a practically unused attic, which will be transformed over the next few months using primarily recycled building materials. Following this project is bound to be really interesting. You’ll find a lot of ideas to use partly or in their entirety, and if nothing else you might be inspired to replicate some of Lonnie’s clever decorating ideas. /Vivian