Friday, September 30, 2016

The beauty has woken up...

I haven’t written about our big house renovation project for a while.
We’ve worked and worked, and project “Sleeping Beauty” is quickly proceeding…

Almost half of the house is already done, we’ve taken lots of photos, and you’ll find our first introduction in the November edition of the magazine.
In December, we’ll be showing you the first room so you can start looking forward to that already.

What a marvelous change to this house….the best thing about it all is that we’re managing to preserve the fairy tale atmosphere and the calmness of the place.
We all love going to the house to work because it’s such a fantastic place…
Soon, we’ll start thinking about decorating for Christmas and we’re hoping to be able to make some amazing and fairy tale-like pictures round the house.
- Vivian

Friday, September 23, 2016

Winter supplies

Here in Denmark, we're enjoying a warm September, and although the natural treasures are diminishing along with the length of daylight hours, we can still find plenty of nice things out there.
You still have enough time to collect and store valuable vitamins that you can enjoy later on a cold, windy winter's day.

Recently, when I was enjoying a nice and quiet afternoon, I found both elderberries, rosehip and blackberries to use for juices, marmelades and other tasty things. Apart from that, you can find mushrooms, apples, herbs and other natural treasures. Just be careful and make sure that you know what's edible and what's poisonous.
Nature is full of unused resources so get ready to go hunting.

- Camilla


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A heart of stone…

Usually, when I think of the expression ”a heart of stone”, I think of a callous person, but now this term has come to have a completely different meaning to me.

On a cold day with heavy rain, we decided to brave the weather and go down the longest and best-preserved Middle Age road in Denmark which ends by the foot of Kalø Castle.

Considering when this castle was constructed, it’s actually very nicely built, and despite it being rather uneven in many places, it’s a good place to look down.
And that’s exactly what I did on that Sunday. I looked down and saw the most beautiful stone on the ground, like a peaceful and heart-felt greeting from a time in the past when peace probably wasn’t the first thing that’d come to your mind.

Remember to take in what’s around you...look up and down, near and far....and cherish it all.

- Camilla