Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A heart of stone…

Usually, when I think of the expression ”a heart of stone”, I think of a callous person, but now this term has come to have a completely different meaning to me.

On a cold day with heavy rain, we decided to brave the weather and go down the longest and best-preserved Middle Age road in Denmark which ends by the foot of Kalø Castle.

Considering when this castle was constructed, it’s actually very nicely built, and despite it being rather uneven in many places, it’s a good place to look down.
And that’s exactly what I did on that Sunday. I looked down and saw the most beautiful stone on the ground, like a peaceful and heart-felt greeting from a time in the past when peace probably wasn’t the first thing that’d come to your mind.

Remember to take in what’s around you...look up and down, near and far....and cherish it all.

- Camilla


  1. Mother Nature gives us such wonderful treasures, if we only slow ourselves down enough to notice..........

  2. And it's cleft! One could write a story about a long-ago broken romance.

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