Friday, September 23, 2016

Winter supplies

Here in Denmark, we're enjoying a warm September, and although the natural treasures are diminishing along with the length of daylight hours, we can still find plenty of nice things out there.
You still have enough time to collect and store valuable vitamins that you can enjoy later on a cold, windy winter's day.

Recently, when I was enjoying a nice and quiet afternoon, I found both elderberries, rosehip and blackberries to use for juices, marmelades and other tasty things. Apart from that, you can find mushrooms, apples, herbs and other natural treasures. Just be careful and make sure that you know what's edible and what's poisonous.
Nature is full of unused resources so get ready to go hunting.

- Camilla


1 comment:

  1. Dejlige billeder og du har helt ret! Efteråret byder på mange skatte, og de er skønne at have til vinter.
    Rigtig god weekend.